The Consumer Data Standards program inside Data61 is just one part of a larger cross-government collaboration designed to give Australian consumers greater control over their data. There are a number of useful sources providing background information about the Consumer Data Right, and outlining next steps.

Inside government

  • Treasury: the Australian Treasury initiated discussions regarding a Consumer Data Right and is the lead policy agency. The Consumer Data Right builds on work undertaken by Treasury over 2017-2018  exploring Open Banking in Australia. You can find out about the status of Treasury consultations on the Consumer Data Right here.
  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission: The ACCC is the proposed lead regulator for the Consumer Data Right, and will be responsible for setting rules in relation to the operation of the CDR regime. The ACCC has been undertaking consultations on rules to guide implementation of the CDR, starting in the banking sector, on its website here.
  • The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner: the OAIC will work with the ACCC and Treasury to establish privacy safeguards for the CDR regime. It’s anticipated that the OAIC will operate alongside the ACCC to regulate privacy-related aspects of the CDR.


Outside government

A range of organisations have been writing and providing updates about the CDR, as well as about open banking. We’ve shared links to the information we’ve seen below. If you’d like to have your resources added to this page, drop us an email at cdr-data61[at]