Joint Account Election and Authorisation


The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is considering whether to amend the rules to accommodate joint account elections being offered in the authorisation flow. This would be optional and would not affect current implementation in accordance with the existing rules. The ACCC is mindful that the November timeframe for joint accounts is fast approaching and any implementation decision should not create additional requirements that would impact build timelines.

This decision proposal articulates two options for joint account election and authorisation to be considered for Phase 3 implementation but also an ‘ideal state’ to work towards in the near future.

This decision proposal has been written to obtain community feedback on these options, and any other options that are raised for consideration, prior to a recommendation for a final proposal being made to the Data Standards Chair.

In particular, the Data Standards Body (DSB) would like to receive:

  1. Views on joint account election and authorisation from the community, but especially data holders required to implement joint accounts in 2020 and 2021.
  2. Feedback on the specific options presented in this paper, along with any other options raised for consideration.
  3. Time estimates for successful implementation of the options in this paper, and any other options raised for consideration.

Feedback for this paper is planned to close on 9th April 2020.

Document titleConsultation Date
Consultation Draft 5 – Joint Account Election and Authorisation26.03.2020 – 09.04.2020

1 thought on “Consultation Draft 5

  1. Joel Fanning Reply

    ME is supportive of Proposal 2 – In-flow Election outlined in Consultation Draft 5 – Joint Account Election and Authorisation.

    We are not able to provide time estimates for the implementation of in-flow election. That said, we support a phased implementation of Consumer Data for non-major banks. The phasing approach outlined in the Consumer data right rules – data sharing obligations, phasing summary table on September 2, 2019 separated ‘simple account’ sharing and the introduction of joint accounts. We support this approach as it will reduce delivery risk.

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